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Whole Life Healing Conference (Physical CD Set)

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It is wonderful each and every time our God comes on the scene in power to heal the body of someone suffering from dis-ease. But, what should we do AFTER our miracle or healing? Can we keep our healing? Absolutely! Should we expect that our soul, marriage, finances, relationships, and our Whole Life be in great health? Absolutely!

Whole Life Healing is just the resource you need. The Bible teaches that we can live life ABUNDANTLY... with joy, peace, and prosperity. We can actually live our dreams and fulfill our destiny while here on earth!

Through music, teaching, conferences, and ongoing relationship with God and each other, Whole Life Healing is made available to anyone who desires to walk in complete wholeness... anyone who desires to live their dream and fulfill their destiny.

This installment of our Whole Life Healing Package will encourage you, strengthen you, bring revelation of God's plan for your life, and help to lead you on the path to living out what YOU are called by God to do!

So listen, take notes, believe, and enjoy as you embark on a journey... a journey that will lead you to doing what you are created for.