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No Fear (Physical CD)

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Many people face seemingly overwhelming challenges these days. All of the changes in life, society, family life, and finances can create a great deal of uncertainty and even a great fear of the unknown.

This music recording will guide you on a journey from the place of existing with constant fear and being terrified, into the place of understanding who God is and how much He is for you; and finally to the place of strength and courage and the reverent fear of the Lord. Featuring award winning writer and producer Tom Davis, your journey to freedom and peace is filled with original music accompanied by some contemporary worship and the reading of many passages of overcoming fear.

Struggle with fear? Discover your courage here!


Our son’s paranoia was very troubling and we thought he might be locked up. We took out your “No Fear” CD, which he listened to every night. When he couldn’t sleep with panic attacks and crying and shaking we would play your CD. After 2 weeks of prayer and your CD’s, he is driving again. He was terrified the police were coming after him to take his license and even said that they were following him everywhere he went. He was too afraid to go out. He even gave up work. He is back at work this week.



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